Monday, August 20, 2007

My First Time

...Today was my first day of college. Nervous, yes. Excited, most definetly. Anxious, more than ever. I guess everyone imagines their first day of college full of confusion and one tiny person in the abyss of thousands of people who have more experience in the collegiate world than you. My day wasn't that bad. My oddly accurate concept of time woke me up before my alarm clock even went off, which was no surprise. Got dressed, ran a small errand before my 9:30 math class, and finally arrived. I walked into the building and said to myself, "This is it." My first class was a breeze, just basic info from a very talkative, sarcastic Professor Shafer. Her introduction to class reminded us that we were all in our spots because we failed our math placement exam :) I was intrigued by a guy in my class who had an iPhone!! I've seen 3 since last Friday, i haven't had a chance to play with one yet, but I gave him a nice smile hoping my eyes would beg, "Please be my study buddy and let me play with your iPhone."
My next class was an afternoon theatre class which seems to be reading lots of exciting plays. yum.
I know my dormroom will never replace the comfort of my nook in Garner, NC...but I'm really starting to feel comfortable. My dad managed to build my $22 bookshelf from Target in only an hour and a half. We've already decided that it's staying here...the price was definetly a bargain for the labor it took putting it together.
I'm looking forward to my intro to Africana studies tommorow. But, I'm even more excited about Jill Scott's new CD coming out Sept 25! Her book is the only one I brought for my bookshelf.
I'm counting down until Volume 3...

Until Then

"i didn't dial your number
because i needed someone to talk to
Arms to lay in
Or sweet words to fill my ears
I didn't call you because I can't hook up speakers
or kill the spider above my bed
I was just wondering why
you haven't called"

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