Monday, March 30, 2009

summer...where art thou?

and she says hey.

pray for hondie. she sick.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i know i'm wrong

i'm alive. i am. my spring break at home was a good one..i didn't do too much, exactly how i liked it. saw most of the people i wanted to see and kept it simple.

school has been busy, so i've been trying to keep my head above water.

summer is quickly approaching and highly anticipated by this one right 'chea.

i'll be back soon.

Friday, February 27, 2009

already know i'm too fly

everytime i close my eyelids i go to sleep.

Ever get that way?! I am SOO happy it's Friday. The last week has been long. I had a big test this week that I was attempting to study for...but it was one of those test that you realize if you don't know it the day before, it's kinda like...whatever. Communication Theory, sounds fun huh? But I did what I could!

The CIAA is in Charlotte this weekend but where am I? In bed! Lol I have no desire to pay $30 to get into a party..I'm underage! I can't drink anyways so i'll just let the big kids have fun.

My sister is supposed to be coming to visit me this weekend but she hasnt made it yet :(

i'm uuuuber excited about my spring break next week! yesss! I have one last test Wednesday but after then I can breath for a little while. College sucks, fyi. lol I spent the morning with about 60 middle and high school students who came to visit my college. They were happy to be here and excited about college but I kinda wanted to whisper in their ear, DON'T DO IT!

that'd be wrong tho, right? O well. I think I'm done here! I'll be back sooner than later.

have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tuesday talk

Can you believe it's half way through February?! Jeez. This past weekend is still kinda a blur. I think I may have gotten 10 hours a sleep between Thursday night and Saturday lol. My Valentine's Day was cool! I visited my bestests :) and one came back with me to school. we had a great time laughing our ass' off. I went to bed Sunday night at 930. Lol my lifestyle has to change. I did go see Friday the 13th. It was stupid. 

Yesterday in my rocks lab (lol its a component to a really boring geology class) my lab instructor asked if anyone was from my home town of Raleigh! I raised my hand so high lol he was asking because we were looking at certain rock that is really abundant and named after a road in Raleigh...lead mine road! hollaaa

anyways, it's so funny because I gas up Raleigh like it's the best place in North Carolina. Well, to me it is at least (sometimes). I met a guy and he picked on me because all I talked about was Raleigh this and Raleigh that! Regardless, I was also super excited because I'm finally goiing HOME this weekend. 

I havent been home in a month- that's a long time for me and my schedule is hectic as hell so it seems like double that. I'm actually going many more places than Raleigh this weekend so if I'm you're in the me, my world tour might just stop in your area :)

i cant wait to get home and

see my sis!!!! i miss her alots <3

kiss my daddy and mommie.

see my bests!!!!! yayy lol this pic is a throwback

im also looking forward to hopefully eating sushi at kanki yummmmm
sleeping in MY bed
seeing my other friends 
and just relaxing. maybe.

i'm going to class in a little bit, so i'm outta here! have a great day.