Friday, February 27, 2009

already know i'm too fly

everytime i close my eyelids i go to sleep.

Ever get that way?! I am SOO happy it's Friday. The last week has been long. I had a big test this week that I was attempting to study for...but it was one of those test that you realize if you don't know it the day before, it's kinda like...whatever. Communication Theory, sounds fun huh? But I did what I could!

The CIAA is in Charlotte this weekend but where am I? In bed! Lol I have no desire to pay $30 to get into a party..I'm underage! I can't drink anyways so i'll just let the big kids have fun.

My sister is supposed to be coming to visit me this weekend but she hasnt made it yet :(

i'm uuuuber excited about my spring break next week! yesss! I have one last test Wednesday but after then I can breath for a little while. College sucks, fyi. lol I spent the morning with about 60 middle and high school students who came to visit my college. They were happy to be here and excited about college but I kinda wanted to whisper in their ear, DON'T DO IT!

that'd be wrong tho, right? O well. I think I'm done here! I'll be back sooner than later.

have a great weekend :)


before the hype said...

that is so true!
everytime I see prospect students at my school, I want to tell them RUN AWAY!
but I figure everyone would just think I was crazy. LOL

A.M. said...

lol don't do it, u totally should have. I'm a sr and I'm ready to be done, glad ur doing well though

See u round the blog :)