Tuesday, November 27, 2007

past due

I'm terribly sorry for abandoning my blog for the last week. It's very unlike me but the last week became somewhat busy and this week is quickly become the epitome of a living and breathing deadline.

My Thanksgiving break was pretty well. Calmer than I expected, and moved smoothly. My family is...still my family, my mom is overly excited about Christmas, as usual, but I'm happy she has something to look forward to. McNeill family Thanksgiving is always pretty much mellow, and this year didn't fall short. My little cousin is even more beautiful than I remember and I was overly excited to see her.

I've been a bit under the weather, which also adds unnecessary stress and even more sleepless nights to my agenda.

I saw my most of my girlfriends, and I really realized how I missed all of us being together. I'm looking forward to spending more time with them Christmas break. There are things that come with growing up and maturing in relationships and friendships that one would think would use common sense, but I guess when you are faced with the situation that ability comes distorted. I wish I could be the voice of reason for some of my friends, but I'll just let it be until things get into dangerous zones.

Of course, I made time for the special person of my past, present and hopefully future. It was well spent and I feel content at the place we are at this point. Although its hard to get out of comfotability, sometimes it's best just to be open to change.

As far as school, I'm extremely busy. I planned to bring a friend from school home with me to Raleigh this upcoming weekend about a month ago. We chose this weekend to avoid interfering with studying for exams, etc. But little did we know, this week is/has/will be the busiest week of probably this semester. And I only have 2.5 days to go.

I probably sound a bit drab, but all I'm thinking of is deadlines deadline and deadlines before next Tuesday. I probably shouldn't take time to go home this weekend, but it was planned, and we'll have to set time aside to work amongst the play, no doubt.

On a lighter note, I made a MySpace page a while ago. I don't see how little kids get up there and get in lots of trouble, I find it kinda hard to work. Maybe it's just not clicking for me. O well...add me here

and to my few dedicated readers, i apologize. this won't happen again.

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