Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My explanation for the 8 a.m. post: I awoke angry.
I know I said I wasn't going to do anymore wishing and grumpy stuff but whatever.

I'm ready to go home.
I'm ready to look at my clean little dorm room before the door closes for a weekend at home.
I'm ready and anxious to see my 10th clip in tomorrow's paper.
I'm ready to go to my bathroom and use it, especially the bathtub.
I'm ready to go to Lowe's Food at 11:35 with my sister to get junk food.
I'm ready to get those annoying "Happy Thanksgiving" chain letter texts and stuff.
I'm ready to see my parents and see them happy to see me.
I'm ready to be around my family and kiss my gorgeous baby cousin.
I'm really ready to sleep in my bed although i'll be surrounded by more empty space.
I'm ready to visit my favorite place in Wake County.
I'm ready to be reminded why my best friend is my best friend, not that I don't know already.
I'm ready to see the Raleigh skyline coming from the train station.

Most of all...
I'm more than ready for my beautiful surprise.

"....whatever it is you came to teach me,
i'm here to learn it
cause ...I don't know what the future holds,
but i'm living in the moment..."

india.arie beautiful surprise

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