Sunday, December 16, 2007

i miss spontaneity.

So my break has started off on a pretty good start. I've already commenced my deal of napping, burning up the road (and gas) and trying to make myself comfortable in my home again. I'm still working on unpacking, but it's definitely a task in the making.

Last night, I spent a wonderful evening catching up with my girlfriends some of which I hadn't seen since Labor Day...more than 3 months ago! I think we really could have talked all night, I didn't get home until 2 and I'm positive that there will be many of those nights to follow. We even baked chocolate chip and sugar cookies!!!! (sigh)

Today has has turned out to be a frumpy day. I woke up unusually late for me, and realized that it was cloudy and very little sun. It didn't change, and as I sit here, I can still hear the rain. I really depend on the sun for my Vitamin D and for lighting up my day, so when it's missing it definitely affects my mood. I came in from a quick errand, took a nap and woke up at 530 to pitch darkness. Before I napped, I did catch the first new episodes of VH1's Bad Girls Club. I became a mega fan of the show after I was grounded for two weeks this summer and watched every single episode via DVR. And...Bad Girls Road Trip. This new season doesn't seem to be falling short of "bad girlness," but it definitely is full of foolishness, drama and just...too much of craziness. Who sniffs a line of salt, squeezes a lime in their eye and then takes a shot of Crown that order?!

Nevertheless, the weather made me quickly realize tonight was going to be a stay in and watch a movie night. But my trip to the movie store actually resulted in dinner and a movie with my bestest friend ever. The call was perfect timing, although I left my house looking a mess because I really just planned on running to the grocery store. So what. We had a wonderful time. TGIFriday's has become my favorite 'expensive fast food' establishment in the past week. It was my 2nd trip since Monday. But..actually I sent my dinner back tonight because I didn't like it, but whatever. We caught "Awake," which was also my second time but you always notice things in movies the second time around, you know?

The time was well spent, and I enjoyed the spontaneity of the evening. I miss that alot. I have to admit, I used to engage in lots of spontaneous activities which made my life a little more exciting and gave interesting stories to tell. But I'll always have the memories and hopefully this break will make some more.

Like tonight, I stole a single tampon from Wal-Mart. Does that count?

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