Tuesday, April 29, 2008

miss you II

First, let me say...today is a day of rememberance for me and my family. A year ago today, my Grandfather passed. I miss him very much, but I know he's in a very very better place and his memory is still with me, almost everyday. I've never believed in the supernatural, besides that of God, but I do believe that some things today were not a coincidence.

This morning the sun woke me up. It was so bright. It wouldn't be so much of a big deal if the last two days here in Charlotte weren't completely disgusting and gray and nasty and rainy. To me, I felt like it was Papa smiling :) I remember this day last year...the day was amazing in some odd way. The weather was perfect too.

Then, I went to class this morning and my professor brought our class Dunkin Donuts. May be nothing to you, but my Nana and Papa always used to stop and get Dunkin Donuts when they went on long trips. I treated myself to the only chocolate sprinkled one and this guy tried to pitch a fit with me...whatever. I just smiled to myself.

If these things sound trivial and just coincidence to you, so be it...shoot me if it's wrong to believe coincidences are God's way of staying anonymous.

Besides that, today was a day of celebration. Besides remembering my Grandfather's life, it was my last day of class. And ironically, I only had one class today that lasted 20 minutes (we turned papers in and ate donuts, and I got a box of Nerds for my perfect attendance). I refused to go to my 8 o clock class and my afternoon class was cancelled, why you would cancel the last class before an exam especially when you have an assignment due?? ...I'll never understand. That did bother me a little bit.

I'm so happy to be done with class, but unfortunately, one thing had to get in my way of celebration.


Hondie is dead. I knew I needed some gas in my car, and when I started it today, I thought it was stranged that it didn't even turn over. Went and got a gas can (PLEASE don't tell my Dad). Still didn't work. Jumped Hondie, no pulse. No nothing. Luckily, my dad is going to be in the area tommorow so we'll get things straight. I think she's gonna have to be towed. I think my alternator is fried, died and blow dried. O well. My birthday is Saturday, maybe I can get a new car? Ha.

Now that class is over, I guess it's time I focus on studying for my exams and packing 454 up. I'm pretty much looking past exams and seeing summer...but I gotta face reality.

miss you Papa. love you much.


Niki.Mac said...

I felt the same way today! Even though my day was crazy busy... I thought of Papa all day.

karrie b. said...

i'm really very sorry for u and nik's loss...i bet he's so proud of his girls.


Canon Obama said...

awe. so sweet. I don't think I'm ready to feel that pain yet. my grandma keeps me strong. my grandfather pressures me to work. but I love them too much to think about losing them. sorry for your loss but glad that the anniversary was a good one.

here is my blog... starstucklove.blogspot.com... could click on my name... either way...

Don said...

touching post, and i feel your words about how some things not being a mere coincidence.

your heart knows the difference.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

YAY to classes with no work!! lol

aww I love how you turned a sad day into soo positive. I'm sorry for you and niki's loss. I'm sure those donuts was your granddad saying hi:-)

1/3 of what I used to be said...

oh forgot to say I hope your car gets fixed soon! I know how that is! lol

Adrianne M said...

Niki --> of course, it's a sister thing.

KarrieB--> Thanks KB, that means alot :)

Canon --> Love your grandparents and spend as much time with them! I'm sure you know that. Last time you commented, blogger took me to an empty page! Thats why I asked...

Don --> Thanks Donnie Poo.

1/3 --> Yup, I never can pass Dunkin Donuts without thinking about him and my Grandmother! And yes..Hondie is alive and kicking as off today ;)