Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i won't say goodbye anymore

I completed my absentee ballot tonight. So ready to send it tomorrow. So ready for November 4th and this election drama to be over!! I'm ready to celebrate Barack's victory :) I've never got shivers circling a bubble sheet before, he's gonna win doubt.
Anyways, my fall break lol. Didn't do tooo much! Saw alllll of Raleigh, saw some of my bests!!, hung out with some of my family, which was nice. I saw this guy that I met in Charlotte and further found out he was a COMPLETE asshole. He wanted to argue if N.E.R.D was pronounced by its acronym or actually "nerd." Ugghhh. wack. I did feel bad one night I came home and saw someone in my neighborhood leaving for work :O. Surprisingly, my parents didn't ask what time I got home the next day lol
I practically took a *week* off from school so I'm paying for those days off with alot of meetings, a 20 page paper due in 6 weeks and other stuff that must be done. It's aight tho...we're half way thru the semester!!!!
I got sneak peek tickets to "The Secret Life of Bee's" tomorrow night! I'll let you know how it goes!!!


1/3 said...

aww u look cute in the pic:-)

I cant wait to celebrate Obamas victory either!!! I know Im partyin hard lol

i know the secret life of bees is gonna be good. im seein it this weekend too.

I hope u semester goes well!!!:-)

kid.a said...

i'm still waiting for my absentee county is tripping! but yea this year is flying by...good luck and finish strong towards the end of the second half of the sememster...