Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last night I dreamt my aunt left a check for $10,000 on my desk. Right beside my Nickelodeon clock. And for some reason she left a $5 bill on top of it too. I remember I kept looking at the check and counting the zeroes.I had already decided what few things I was gonna splurge on before I put the rest into college for school, helping out my sis and her school stuff and my parents of course. I had got to thinking about some new jeans, but then I woke up.

I was really upset to find nothing but my iPod sitting in front of my clock. No check. No bills.

So in the process of getting ready for my damn 8 o clock class this morning I thought of... in case it was there, I'd probably do exactly that. Take a little shopping spree. Finally get the jacket i've been keeping an eye on at j.crew, and of course some driving moccassins. Stop by Urban Outfitters...pick up an iPhone, finally find some vintage art to put in my room...whatever, the list goes on as my pockets get more and more empty.

It's been a crazy, interesting, stressful but exciting week. After a short 3 day week post fall-break, I feel like this week is going painfully slow. Tuesday went pretty well. Busy, but I had a wonderful dinner with author James McBride. I wrote an essay and the Dean of Students thought it was pretty good, so me along with about 10 other students had dinner with him before he had a lecture on campus. He had alot to say. Alot. He seemed very political and opinionated, but I'm sure that's all authors, right?

His lecture went very well...I think he spoke to alot of the students in a language that was clearly understandable. College is stressful. Fun at times...and mostly about learning how to fail. He doesn't make alot of public appearances anymore... he rarely sign books or take pictures or any of that crap. He didn't even eat with us. He just wanted some coffee. But he managed to sign ours before the lecture. Thanks James!

Here's a picture of him signing. yum.

I'm looking forward to a peaceful weekend, everyone is going home. Except me.

That...and for the weather to finally drop about 10 degrees.

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