Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today I saw a black girl riding her bike on campus. It made me jealous. I'm 18 years old and I barely know how to ride a bike. I had a lesson this summer, which was my first in probably 10 years. It was interesting, frustrating and sadly nothing like Corinne Bailey Rae in "Put Your Records on."
Speaking of modes of transportation, today a quick errand ran into car trouble. Which I hate. And truthfully have a deep fear of. Me and a friend planned to go to Circuit City to make a simple return. After a quick candy/make-up stop at CVS, the cute little VW Bettle decided to die. In every way possible. The battery died...and of course most basic AdvancedAuto, Advance Auto Parts and everywhere else we went doesn't either carry VW batteries or can't install them because of the required intensive later. Thus, our 3:45 outing, turned into having to deal with a weird (MALE) relative who didn't know how to jump a car, flashing battery lights, calling parents in DELAWARE, stopping at a gas station in HARRISBURG for a jump and getting on the very wrong highway. We got back to Charlotte at 8:30.
All we wanted was a CD and some eye-liner. Honestly, it was painfully enjoyable. Sometimes it feels good to just get away.

Anyways, UNCC hosted their annual Basketball pep rally tonight. It was pretty cool, although I was sad because our car trouble made us skip all the pre-partying and trying to look somewhat proud in 49er gear. It's okay. I'm ready for the weekend...matter of fact, how many days until Thanksgiving break?

I know I was talking about CBR's "put your records on"...but here's another one of my favorites.

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