Sunday, October 21, 2007

weeekend roundup.

It's October 21. I've been in college for...what, 2 months now? Nothing's changed, except I've realized spending weekends here are getting harder and harder.

This weekend, I was mostly here by myself. I've been loving it at times. Silence and solitude can be very beneficial. Everyone hit up NC's State Fair, but I stayed because that'd make three weekends in a row at home...and the last two weren't very promising. A Friday night trip to Wake Forest U. ended up in MAJOR car trouble...this time, ending up at the side of an exit ramp. Just when we thought the night would get better with some IHOP...we had to get the food to go because the tow truck came quicker than imagined. The pancakes were delicious, but not so great without a fork in the back of a m.benz with a girl who didn't know and didn't car to know how to check the oil in a car.

My dad came up Friday night, so we had lunch yesterday afternoon. He swung by today, and although I wasn't hungry, he treated me to Harris Teeter. Groceries or a good meal? I guess the benefit is interchangeable. Especially the hot hot hot guy who works there too. Although, he probably doesn't even notice my existence lol.

Last night I caught another good movie...not quite as good as last week's 'Why Did I Get Married?' But a crime-mob, drug money NYPD wanna be classic. It could have used a boost.

'We Own the Night'....Mark Wahlberg was hot, Eva Mendes even hotter. Matter of fact, I think her opening scene might have contributed to the 'R' rating for the movie. This week despite my ridiculous (repeat) ridiculous busy schedule, I plan to review the 'Saw' trilogy in prep for Saw 4 next week on Halloween! I have at least two meetings everyday this week until Thursday, but I'm looking for a great weekend far far away from UNCC.
Bon voyage 'til next time.

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