Tuesday, October 9, 2007

(sorry...this a few days behind)

I’m home. It’s Fall Break.

I usually come for a few reasons:
a.I’m just tired of Charlotte.
b.I’m homesick
c.I’m friend sick
Or sometimes everything mixed together. I’m gonna be here until Tuesday, but my stay has already been interesting. I came home this weekend not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know if my best friend was going to be home, I thought my parents would be mad that I came home a day early and missed class and some other things that I was curious about. In two days, a lot of those things have been answered. My best friend is home, she had a tough week, which explains our non-communication and my parents aren’t mad...they are actually happy to see me home.
Anyways, I got to visit an old friend from high school at her all-girls college. Its always interesting to go to another college or university, being that I’m not that fond of my school…and usually I end up having a great time just catching up on old times and gossip, which we did.
In addition, I was reminded that some things will always be consistent when I come home: dreading paying for gas, trying to squeeze in seeing people I told I’d call when I got back into town and being told to take out the trash by my Dad. Huh?
But anyways, I think I may have grown an inch in wisdom this weekend. I always enjoy coming home to see my twenty year old sister, and catching up about imaginary glee of college, our newly fifty-something parents and our non-existent love lives. My sister brings me back to earth and reminds me why I’m in college and why guys are just so…odd. Her along with my o-so-fabulous older cousin always preach wisdom to me and this weekend, it amazed me how perfect the timing is for me personally and things just click.
I’m 18. I’m in college, its stressful…yet doable. College is supposed to be one of the greatest experiences in my life, making lifelong girlfriends, finding my niche, and ultimately one major step to getting me closer to reaching my goals and dreams. In other words…I have no time to worry about things or people who aren’t going to help me stay sane or help me on my way to be an incredible journalist one day. People I associate with are supposed to make me HAPPY… people to make me have to force myself to get off the phone after an hour of talking about our similar or even dissimilar lives. I’m 18. This is my time to be selfish. This is my time to wake up and not make up my bed because no one shares my bed and gets mad that I didn’t do my job after rolling out the bed. (well…I make up my bed anyways now, because it makes my room look orderly, odd because I NEVER made up my bed at home.) I think back and sometimes I haven’t laughed or smiled because of genuine happiness in a long time. It’s so ironic I always send texts or calls to check up someone’s day, and that’s okay…but I think I just need to be selfish for a while J I’m 18. I pray to God I haven’t lived half of my life yet and I’m too young to be stressed about things that are dismissible or just silly.
Besides that, my night began to close ending with me supposed to working on a piece for the my university’s paper, but me and my new selfish attitude decided to just sit and write and reflect about my weekend so far. Lastly, my best friend called me and we ended up having the best conversation we had had in a while. Seven years later, its amazing how many girl/friends we had on the way to this point. We made it this far, so why didn’t ever one else? Its clear to me that people in my life now…are here for reason. My best friend and I go to school one hundred miles apart, myself...2.5 hours from home, and we are going through the exact same thing. With friendship, love and just trying to understand why people around us at school act like they came from another planet.
I’ll be home for two more days, so I wonder what else garnerraleighfuquaydurham will pull out its sleeve.

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