Monday, October 29, 2007

weekend roundup II

I'm trying to think about how to describe this weekend.


blissful? relaxing? hillarious? enticing?

This weekend was great. I finally got to visit my best friend at Elon. It was homecoming. I never thought I would have so much fun. It was great to be around familiarity but at the same time experience something new. I attended my first college football game of the season. Elon vs. Chattanooga. The Pheonix took a W, and I took away many memories of high school football games, mine and being there for others, cheering in the hot hot weather and freezing cold and all that other stuff. Elon is the typical southern private school. I never seen grass so green or so many J.Crew chino shorts in one square mile. If I have $25,000+ laying around, I may consider it.

It was kind of weird knowing that after almost 8 years, me and my best friend made it to college. It was blissful just being on an absolutely beautiful campus, with wonderful sweet girls, away from my e-mail and even further away from UNC Charlotte. We engaged in alot of festivities :)

We had a few visitors come pay us a visit. It was well spent...felt alot like old times. Alot of things were said that still have my mind wondering what's next.

Saturday afternoon I knew I wasn't ready to come back to Charlotte on Sunday, so I extended my stay and switched my train fare to Monday morning. I deserved an extra night. The train ride was very peaceful, but definetly bittersweet leaving behind the excitement of the weekend. I know this sounds so vague, and I'm not dishing the good stuff, but no matter what I write, it won't compare to the fun and experience I had there. And somethings are just better left unsaid. But nevertheless....

"i'm gon' be back (to Elon)" I haven't had much sleep in the past 4 nights, and for once in a while my twin size single is looking great compared to my very undependable air mattress for the past 3 nights. This weekend is UNC's homecoming, and another weekend at home, so I'm interested to see how this weekend plays out.

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