Thursday, November 1, 2007

still dreaming.

It seems to me that as much as I seem to progress and try to grow in many ways then one...people around me are staying stagnant, if not regressing. It's not my problem, but it's just crazy. This semester is coming quickly to an end, and people are still chilling and skipping out on class? What's going on? I know I'm known to care too much, but it's said to see people fall deeper and deeper into bad situations that are easily avoidable.

I'm headed home for the weekend...Daddy's B-day and UNC's Homecoming. I'm ready. 2015 is calling my name.

By the way...I'm needing someone to prove me wrong for once. I'm ready for someone out in the world to exceed my expectations.

I guess I'll keep dreaming.

have a great weekend.

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