Tuesday, November 6, 2007

sleepless in Charlotte.

I don't sleep anymore.

I can never sleep. I'm one of those people who have to have complete darkness and just about complete silence to get some rest. Obviously, where I live, neither of those is possible. You would think having a single room would have its benefits, but getting a good night's rest is not one of them for me.

But I also have to admit, I'm an emotional sleeper. If something is on my mind, or I have a big day coming up...I'll probably be up all night. I don't have much on my mind tonight, but I just feel like I can't sleep.
I went home this weekend, it actually went better than I expected. It was entirely too fast, taking the train home doesn't allow me to get into Raleigh until 8:35 usually. Thus, my Friday night activities are usually limited. I planned to see American Gangster this weekend, as planned almost a month ago..but 3 9:45 shows sold out, while we were in line. That flopped, so I just headed home.
My initial reason for going home was to celebrate my Dad's birthday, which was yesterday, the 4th, and to go to homecoming at UNC. The tailgate was yummy, the game was good...although I left at halftime, and I was reminded once again how much I miss football games. Two football games, two weeks in a row? I'm on a roll...I saw a few friends from high school, and lots of Carolina blue.
Daddy's birthday was calm and quaint, we enjoyed family breakfast + my mom's college roommate at McDonald's. I hope would have taken too long, and McDonald's is definetly cheaper and quicker. It was very simple, gave a good laugh, but very enjoyable. My dad spent the afternoon with his best friend fishing, and we girls hit up good ol' Crabtree.
Damn...I miss Raleigh.
I miss my family alot, sometimes my fifty-something parents really get on my nerves, but it's good to come home and the first things I see are my articles laminated on the kitchen counter. My parent's are so proud of me, and I'm doing my best to keep it that way.

This week is a busy week, I have two test, both of which I have to considerably better than the last and two group projects that are taking up far too much of my time and effort.
I can't believe this semester is coming so quickly to an end. I'm ready for Thanksgiving. More family, and food that doesn't keep me guessing.

It's late...i'm gonna try and get some sleep now.

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