Thursday, November 8, 2007

288 hours.

It's cold outside. Very Cold. Everyday I'm reminded...for some reason, I brought back all my winter jackets, but didn't bring back one sweater.
And I hate that my bed is beside a window. Which makes it very cold, and makes me remind that I'm sleeping alone in my cold bed. Whatever.


I did a really good interview for the paper today. I have a movie review in today's paper but I personally think it's pretty bad. But whatever. Initially, I thought I was interviewing the International Student Association..but I read the assignment again and realiazed it was the International Studies Student Association. I would have enjoyed the first one too, anyways...I went to the Macy building, where the girl told me it'd be in room 203. I found the second floor, but went up and down the stairs twice and soon realized there was no room 203. The ancient old maps on floor said there was a 203,but..there wasn't. 203 had been converted to 204B. I found it eventually. room 103. The meeting was small and quaint and made me miss traveling.
I'd love to travel's been too long. Does Myrtle Beach even count?

I'm really looking forward to being home again. I want to go home tommorow. I feel like everytime I go home my weekend flies by, so I'm ready to spend Turkey Day with my family, in my bed, in my house. Not in that exact order...but you know.
288 more hours.

"..maybe you've been pouring everything into this your mistake
it turns to agony
you can't predict this, when it comes to it
you can't hide from it, but...don't you surrender anything

don't you know patience is a virtue?"

thanks Corinne.

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