Sunday, November 11, 2007

weekend roundup III

Today is the 315th day of 2007. There are 50 days left in 2007.

I gotta get them right. No more grumpy days, less unproductive days and "i wish..." days (well, not as many.) Just...good days. Thankful days. Smiling days.

I finally saw American Gangster last night. Very good bootleg. I felt like I was missing out on alot. I was believing everyone saw it except me. I thought it was really long...Denzel was great, as usual. I wish there was more Common. He's hot. Frank Lucas is crazy. He is pretty much as close to the devil as a human can be. If you watched the movie, or care to skip out on 2h40 mins...please read this article. It's 6 pages, but it's really all worth it...especially "..It got so quiet, you could've heard a rat piss on a piece of cotton in China." Yea, he's crazy.

I had lunch today with a wonderful friend who was coming through Charlotte! Yay for luncheons with old friends...and Panera. yum.

One highlight of my weekend was seeing a reporter from the Charlotte Observer speak at the Leadership Conference here on campus. Her name was...Tonya Jameson. She writes a column about clubs and night life in Charlotte. She was talking about being a leader, and all that interesting leadership conference-ish stuff. But, she gave me a good idea. She said she has an Angry Black Woman playlist on her ipod for hectic times at work. I can definetly relate...So I decided to make one for me too...because.

Adrianne's ABW Playlist:

1. Just Might Be OK - Lupe Fiasco
2. Hate On Me- Jill Scott
3. Strenth, Courage, and Wisdom- India.Arie
4. N*gga Please- Jay Z (..i know, right?)
5. I Keep- Jill Scott
6. Seasons Change- Corinne Bailey Rae
7.Champion- Kanye West
8. No Such Thing- John Mayer
9.Talib Kweli- Get By
10. Spaceship- Kanye West
11. Kick, Push- Lupe Fiasco
12. Zoom- Commadores

...yea, I'm still working on it. You should make one too. Tonight was my first Emerging Leader meeting. I don't know if I'm just a super dork...but I'm REALLY excited about the year. I feel like I should be there...not to sound egotistical. But I know I should be there, I deserved it, I work/ed hard, and..I'm just excited to be around different, cool people who want to be great in life. Will be great in life. Like Me.

I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving, but I feel like spending another weekend here is blocking my view. I'm thinking about taking a little vacation, but I don't know. I probably should just stay.

I have a test tomorrow...and a major article due. I will not procastinate.

Have a great week :)

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