Friday, December 28, 2007

orange moon

A wonderful 12:45 am flat tire was the highlight of my night last night. My favorite. Car trouble is probably my second fear besides like...death. I just hate the idea of being stranded, and alone in an immobile car. And my gas light came on as I waited.
Before all this even occured, last night was one of those nights that I wish I could have just closed my eyes and been at home instantly. It was a fun night indeed, but sometimes I really hate driving from there to 2015. I came home didn't wrap my hair, nor wash my face. I put on my favorite pajamas which consists of a long sleeve T which was my Grandfather's and my favorite gym shorts. Which I realize now, where never mine from the beginnning either.Together they are the epitome of comfort. That along with a pair of socks that I found on my floor, unmatching of course. Obviously, I still did all this after my Mom picked me up off the side of the road.
Thus, my afternoon consisted of picking up my car and figuring out what the problem was. It only cost $8 to get it fixed, so I can't complain. The Hondie is back on the road.

I'm sitting in my house still surrounded by Christmas decorations. When is the appropriate time to take down Christmas stuff? Is it wrong to bring in the New Year with Santa? I don't know, but I'm sure I'll be summoned to assist with everything.

I went and saw The Great Debaters last night. I thought it was mediocre, a lot of the promotion gave away alot of the movie. But, I did finally meet the new love of my life....(sigh)

Hey Nate!!!

Did anyone else catch the orange moon last night besides me?! It was humongous, but very beautiful. It was a full moon two nights in a row, so I hear that's what always follows? But nevertheless, I can't mention an Orange Moon without Erykah...

"..i'm an orange moon
i'm brighter than before
brighter than ever before
i'm an orange moon
and i shine so bright cause
i reflect the light of my sun..."
orange moon.ebadu

okay, have a good weekend.

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