Wednesday, January 9, 2008

back at it.

I'm back. I made it back to Charlotte. I was kinda dreading come back, but I'm here now and I gotta do what has to be done. My theory is the harder I work, and the more I study, the time will pass quicker and I'll have better grades to have the right to get the hell up outta here.

My new room is getting comfortable. I'm missing a few large pieces...mostly my bookshelf, which is holding up my moving process. I still have a big suitcase in my floor that is spilling out clothes that I really just don't feel like putting up. My new roommates are very sweet. They go out often, and work alot so they aren't here much. But they respect my privacy and are surprisingly quiet, so I can deal. They are extremely close friends, which I do envy. I can't remember the last time I had someone that close that close. I miss that, for sure.

On the other hand, today has been an interesting day. It seems like everyone around me has been bugging me. And bugging me some more. I really considered cutting my phone off at one point. I'm tired, both physically and mentally. I've been hitting the gym and just getting back into the swing of things is taking its toll on me eveywhere. And of course I couldn't start my semester off without getting a letter of major rejection today. I'll try again, that's how this story goes. It's 8 o clock and I really just want to get in the bathtub and go to sleep. Sink deeper and deeper into my bed. Too bad I don't have a tub. Class did go well today. I have a math teacher who is about old as dirt, but at least he speaks English. I don't have any books yet but I did manage to purchase a hot pair of shoes that bad?

I'm trying not to think about being home again becuase it seems so far from now. I think it's safe to say I miss my friends. I miss alot of things. But like I said, this has to be done. I gotta keep going. It's my fuel. I'm going back to my oatmeal raisin cookies and John Legend. bye.

" dearest of all darlings
i know, i know, i know
i know we've got to part
but baby...
it really doesn't hurt me that bad
because you're taking me with you
and i'm keeping you right here
in my heart..."
call me. aretha franklin

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