Sunday, January 13, 2008

weekend roundup IV

Tomorrow is Monday. That means back to class. Back to school whatever you want a call it. But luckily, I have a short week, leading into another short week, so I have something to look forward to.

This weekend I went on my Emerging Leaders retreat. It was...cute. I thought for it to be a college freshman leadership weekend, I thought it was kinda juvenile. I had eerie memories of Girl Scout camp and Student Council weekends. I did make some new friends, which I am excited about. One thing I did enjoy was the location...I heard Lions Club and I thought "O Gosh." But it turned out to be a really nice lodge on Lake Norman out in Sherril's Ford. It was actually beautiful. Nice to get away. And I continued the inner argument with myself about where I want to live and the lifestyle I want to live...but that's another story. or post. Had a little gt with a few girls. I swear I could be the 'Queen of GT' at times, its safe to say I've coined the term between me and my bestests...but lately I've felt like I haven't had anything in common with the other girls. What I can't contribute is so simple, but I just don't have it.

Besides that, I came back here and rested up before going to what was supposed to be night at TGIFriday's...but instead it turned to Firebird's which is also very splendid, don't get me wrong.

I feel like my weekend has kinda passed over me, I've had quite a bit of work to do... but I have many more weekends to live. This morning I woke up and walked a hefty walk to the gym to find out it doesn't open until noon on Sunday's. UNCC is an ass school. Whatever. I did talk to my mom, dad and sister today which made me smile. I love them...and you too!

cutesy. have a great week.

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