Monday, January 14, 2008

you really want to know?

I always walk in the crosswalk
I rarely forget to say my prayers or
bless my food
I make my bed every morning sometimes multiple times
a day (with naps)
I preapre my books for the next day every night
and I lock my doors as soon as I get in the car
I try my best not to lie to my parents
And pick whole wheat over white
and try to eat vegetables as much as I can
Sometimes I don't brush my teeth before I go to bed
I borrow things and "forget" to give them back
At the grocery store I always take the bulk candy
and eat it in the store
I come in alot later than my parents believe
and stuff my bag with food (or utensils) from the dining hall
I get to my favorite place by tresspassing
and I've thought bad thoughts about the night before in church
I sometimes don't tip and leave it to my friends and
managed to steal one single tampon from Wal-Mart.

any more questions?

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