Tuesday, February 5, 2008

cumulus clouds

It's beautiful here in Charlotte today. 74 degrees, sunny with a light breeze is pretty much my favorite weather. Ever.

It's been a long day. Well...kinda. My day started early today. 7:10 to be exact. In the last week, I've been leaving my dorm at 7:50 to catch the shuttle to campus, but I've figured out that that's not the best idea. I was pretty late to my 8 am public speaking class, but at least I made it. I presented an interesting speech on 'effectively living with a roommate." Had a pretty boring English class and went to the gym before my 12:30 class. Something has been making me incredibly sleepy in the last few weeks. I feel like someone is switching my Aciphex with Ambien. Seriously. I can't believe tomorrow is about to be Wednesday. I'm anxiously waiting to watch the Carolina vs. Duke game. Tryna find somewhere fun to watch it where I can wear my Carolina gear and not look crazy.

Time seems to be going by so fast. My world which has been somewhat black and white in the past few weeks is getting the color back slowly but surely. Things are coming together, not quite back completely but everyday seems a little bit easier than the day before. At least at some parts of the day...not mornings. I wake up in the morning and I feel like every thought in my head has had time to amplify overnight and I wake up and things I don't want to think are blasting through my brain. Thus, I'm forced to get outta bed and start my morning routine. I've always been kinda delirious in the morning. Matter of fact, for the last few nights, everytime I wake up in my sleep, I think I'm in my bed at home. Whatever.

I'm clearly sleepy becuase I'm rambling. I'm gonna put some structure to my thoughts soon to be able to put them here. In the mean time...less than a month until Spring Break and Jill.

...she says Hi.

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Karrie B. said...

i'm mad you have summer weather!!! well, we can't complain in ny cuz we're setting a record today. somewhere in the 60s, smh.

-karrie b.