Sunday, February 3, 2008

i'm sleepy.

I'm really sleepy. I know the Super Bowl just tipped off..but I really feel like crawling up in my bed. I've kinda had a long weekend, but it's been well. It's something like Homecoming this weekend here and yesterday was Parent's Day. My Dad came up Friday night, so we hung out most yesterday and today. It was fun. My aunt lives about 15 minutes away so we spent time with her today too. I miss my parents. and my family.
I think I may watch a little bit of the Super Bowl, I'll feel out of the loop for the rest of the week. I do have one question... I know the Super Bowl has never been on FOX but is tip-off always this early? I thought it was always 8 or 9. Maybe I'm crazy. Earlier this week, I was anxiously looking for a SB party to go to. I have yet to experience a party submerged with chicken wings and BudLight. I always ended up watching it on a comfy couch instead...but never at my house.

Highlights of Adrianne's Weekend:

1. My favorite brand of orange juice Simply Orange, now makes Simply Apple, and Simply Grapefruit! Delicious.

2. Apparently Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, and Kanye West are going to form a group soon. I pretty much had a musical orgasm at the thought.

3. I got to see my dog cousin! Tre McNeill. He is possibly the most human-like weiner dog I've ever met.

4. The NC State vs. Wake Forest game. That is college basketball. One day they'll almost be good as Carolina. Mad me miss being in Raleigh though.

5. Spending time with Daddy-O.

6.Having another visit from a wonderful Raleighan gf! That's two weekends in a row. Love it. God's been listening to me!

7. Me not being scared of a "scary" movie. The Eye really wasn't that scary. Jessica Alba needs a major career booster.

8. Me going to bed before 11 o clock tonight.

that's it.

have a great week.


Don said...

I've always know the Super Bowl to begin around 5PM.

Sounds like you are in a great mood. Good deal.

Have you ever checked out the video Pharrell, Lupe and Kanye did?

Karrie B. said...

lupe...ahhhhhhhhhh! i would have ALL his babies. yes i would.

-karrie b.