Friday, February 1, 2008

it's really friday.again.

10 Things I'd Practically Die for Right now:

1. Cookout Tray: Spicy Chicken, no tomatoes, double onion rings and a huge tea. $4.27. Even better if it was from South Saunders Street.

2. An umbrella: For years, I've never had one or been able to keep up with one. I forgot I need one until I'm walking in the pouring rain, comme this morning.

3. A wonderful gentleman to come vacuum and do my laundry.

4. New socks: I've never believed in matching socks but, I haven't even got new socks in probably years.

5. An old school hamburger phone: I finally watched Juno today via bedside bootleg. Her phone was pretty sick.

6.For last night's dream encounter with Will Smith to come true.

7. A change of scenary: Anywhere, Somewhere. My 12 x 6 foot space gets old after a while. And the entire campus of UNC Charlotte.

8. For my Mom to call me! I know her and my dad have real jobs but jeez, why do I have to call my mom to her from her?

9. A quiet relaxing night with my friends Moon and Stars at my favorite place, which is unfortunately very far from here.

10. Sounds cheesy but....a meaninful hug.

Honorable mentions:

a past due mani/pedi.

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