Saturday, February 23, 2008


I was craving Cookout
So I picked up a tray with Cheeseburger, double onion rings and a sweet tea
(SO? I went to the gym twice since Tuesday)
Don't have anymore Aciphex
(my meds for my severe acid reflux/heartburn)
So I'm currently in pain.

Sh*ts. O well.

I'll write something meaninful soon.

But is it just me or has anyone else realized what goes around comes around?


karrie b. said...

my heartburn is wicked!!!! you take meds? maybe i should look into that...and yes hunnie, karma is So my religion...

-karrie b.

Eb the Celeb said...

girl you better stay away from that cook-out...LOL

the only thing I do not miss about living in the south... but I could take some bojangles right about now...

dang I miss bojangles!

Don said...

Karma is a mugg. I'm trying to tell 'em...

You wasnt in pain when you sat at the table with those double onion rings, was you? lol.