Wednesday, February 20, 2008

x's on the shore.

"Guess who's back in the house...with a bunch of souvenirs and smile for your mouth"

(In case you didn't notice, I really like Lupe Fiasco's Paris, Tokyo, hence the last quote on my last post. and the title too.It's my fav tied with Gold Watch which is Kanye's fav too!)
Anyways, I'm back. My trip went well. Would love to go back to Philly one day. I'm tired, so tired that I missed one class yesterday. Sorry Mom and Dad. But I did make it to tutoring with my math tutor named "Amandeep" can guess how that went. Anyways, I compiled a list of

10 Things I learned from my Trip to DE/PA/NJ

1. Mary J. Blige's new CD is actually pretty good.

2. Be prepared for the happens whether it be good, bad or, very sad.

3. I love North Carolina. It's disgusting tobacco addiction and all.

4. It's a damn small world.

5. I'll never be the wife that jumps at my husband's every command. Getting a drink, passing the remote, can you fix me another plate? No. Sorry, sweets....
6.Although some will disagree 'til they die, I'm a fairly good driver.

7. My recent decision to abandon Facebook over the last month or so has made me addicted to Blogger.

8.There are still professors who have the courtesy of letting students know class is cancelled...before hand. 60 seconds emails really aren't that hard.

9. Life is entirely too short.

10. True, life-changing, heart-warming, crying on the phone, GT-lovin' (that's girl talk for you weirdos) friendships can never be replaced.

That's it. Stole a few pics.

First night in Delaware! I'm in the middle. Don't be fooled...I don't go to Hampton. I wish tho. Just thought the hoodie was cute.

Me and my gf en route leaving RDU (sigh)

Us at Neuman college. The gym was about the size of my middle school gym. Maybe.

that's all for now.


Don said...

Yeah, I think its probably Mary J's best album in a minute.

Looks like you shared alot of smiles during your trip.

I agree, life is too short.

And I noticed how Lupe is in your favor. Nothing wrong with that.

Eb the Celeb said...

yeah a lot of people slept on mary this go 'round because of the just fine single... they thought the whole album would be that cheezy... i still love that record though...

and I love NC... I miss is too much... thats why I make it back down there at least twice a year... usually for super jam and of course homecoming... AGGIE PRIDE!!!

karrie b. said...

i would have all of lupe's babies.

i've been to NC once when i was 16, i loved it!

lmaooo @ u not waiting on any man hand and foot. i don't think i have it in me either...

-karrie b.