Monday, February 18, 2008

on the return

I hate the airport. At least some parts, I had to go through security twice because I didn't put my little Vaseline in a plastic bag and failed to do the same with a tiny bottle of lotion. Whatever.
But I do admit, people watching in the airport is better than sitting in class anyday, which is exactly where I'm supposed to be right now. For example, I'm looking at 5 women, who obviously must have come from some beach because they are all a disgusting shade of sunBURNED. But we're in Philedelphia?! Maybe they were in Europe somewhere because a lot of international flights fly out from here nonstop. If that's the case...I can't hate.

Kinda looking forward to getting back to school and not. Spring break is arriving quickly, so ill probably be back in Raleigh for real before I know it. Plus the CIAA will be here in two weeks. Its been fun but I do have to go back to the real world which includes going to class and studying and trying to prepare for the summer. And somehow I actually miss the gym? Wow. Nevertheless...I'm still trying to move forward without arching backwards.

Its really a small world, I just saw a girl from my church in Raleigh at the airport here in Philly. Odd. And of course my flights delayed.

" I taxi down another runway, I gotcha...who loves you 'bae?!"

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i.can't.complain. said...

hey girl-ie.

i hope that the airport didn't take too much outta u.

that whole lotion security thing at the airport sucks.

i lost a entire bottle of bath & body works lotion that way.

im not gonna tell u how i was lathering up in the security line...

trying to use all i could before they took it away...



mp1 v.8.0 said...

Look at you making me all nostalgic for school....people watching and laughing at them....spring and easter break. And you get to go to CIAA. Going to a white school, I heard about it but never got to see it. I know that's gonna be the biz.

The world is a small place, hih?

Don said...

Love the on-the-fly sitting around due to a plane delay blog post.

FOr some reason I always get nervous right before going through a security check @ airports

Keep doing your school thang. Props.

karrie b. said...

grrrrrr @ having 2 put everything in little baggies. one time, a really mean guard took some of my makeup. i was LIVID!