Saturday, February 16, 2008

made it.

I made it to Pennsylvania, or Delaware. I've been in about 3 states in the last 3 days.
The ride to RDU was very short and sweet. Somehow I got to RDU from Charlotte in about 1h45. I cut off about 30 minutes. How? You can figure it out...just don't tell Mom and Dad. But I had to pedal the medal because we left an hour late! When we got in the airport the security line was about 75 people long and it was 50 minutes to our flight. We made it though. Obviously.
Philedelphia is amazing. I'd love to leave there one day. The city is great. Went down to South Street briefly after we left the airport Thursday night. For some reason, I've been really slacking on my shopping game. I passed up a $20 pair of granny smith loafers and this really reallly cute Juicy Couture bracelet. I know, I know. Visited King of Prussia mall which is the 2nd largest behind the Mall of America. Amazingly disgustingly large and exhausting. Everystore you could imagine is there. Minus Gucci. And a few others.
I'm very tired, me and the girls have had fun, but long days.
Saw quite a few of Amish people. Went to a really neat Amish market called Booth's corner. No cash registers. And they had on the little bonnet things.
I'm at the University of Delaware at a track meet. Pen Relays sound familiar to anyone?! I've never had an interest in track, still don't. Thank gosh I always have my iPod and the new issue of Glamour with me.
I miss home. I've been in about 3 downtowns in the past 2 days. although they are probably more downtowny and posh than Raleigh, Raleigh its still my fave.
I didn't realized how defensive I was of my homestate until someone tried to tell me Michael Jordan went to NC State, Emory University is in North Carolina and UNC Charlotte was in the ACC. Seriously?
Not used to having no tax (only in DE) and highways speed limit at 45 mph.

After all, I'm having fun. Hope you are too.


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karrie b. said...

glamour mag is my all-time favorite, and i can't live without my ipod. it's like my baby. amish ppl? i don't think i've ever seen any in person...

-karrie b.