Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i really like chai tea.

I can't believe it's Wednesday. I know I always say that but time flys by so fast. Conquered my two tests today...first one, pretty sure I got an A. My math test...was one of those test that left my mind boggled and my neck really hurting. I left pissed and some girl in the hallway who was testing her ringtones was not helping. At all.

Did I mention I'm going to Philly for the weekend? Yea, I did. I'm taking off tomorrow afternoon. Really excited, but dreading packing. I do realize tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Funny, I'll be in the city of Brotherly Love. So I guess I should say a few words on its behalf.

I'm usually very Anti-Valentine's Day. I think it's very stupid and a waste of time, and money, and the beautiful color of red. I only think Valentine's Day matters to wifed up/boo-ed up 20 somethings and middle and high schoolers. My parents have been married for 25+ years. If my Mom were to get upset about my Dad not getting her anything, I'd really be like "Mommie...c'mon." I'm in college. And broke. Any guy I was dating would probably be around the same...if not, I wouldn't pressure him to waste money on a very uber commericialized day.
Unlike most bitter love-hating people, I have a reason. It's a long story; pretty much when I was in middle and somewhat of high school...things weren't how I wanted to be in my "love life." Thus, Valentine's Day sucked. After things how were I liked, I guess I was still a little bitter and it never really wore off.
But for some reason, this year I'm just kinda indifferent about it. I'm still very single and even more fabulous, so its okay. Right? Okay, truthfully, I wouldn't mind one single lily tomorrow or something. Whatever.

My parent's both sent me Valentine's cards today which was very sweet. Especially the cash and the Starbucks gift card, perfect for the airport in the next few days.

I figured out how to work mobile Blogger so, look forward to updates within the weekend.

For those in love, Happy Valentine's Day.
For all the others, Happy Thursday.


karrie b. said...

its perfectly OKAY to be a lil' cynincal about the holiday...and it's also perfectly OKAY to want a daisy or something of the sort tomorrow...happy v-day/thursay hunnie!

-karrie b.

Niki.Mac said...

Uuum yea my Valentine's day is starting off FABULOUS!!! It's 1AM and I still have at least 1.5 more hours of work todo... oh and 9 hours of class beginning in about 7 hours.....

On another note... I read Karrie B.'s blog too!! Even the internet world is small ;)

Love you sis! Have a safe trip! Muah!

Don said...


Seriously, I feel what you are saying about the commercialization. But I guess my female friend is more like your mom...I would be sure to hear it if I didn't do something "extra" special this day. So you know...

Enjoy your out of town visit. Be safe.

lol @ the girl in the hallway