Monday, February 11, 2008

is it really Monday?

Just finished two bags of sour skittles in hopes of keeping my eyes open to study for the rest of the night. My tongue feels pretty much raw.

Three test and a rough draft before Thursday. After my last test...I'm off.

I asked the editor of my newspaper if I could do a few inserts about Black History Month. Only maybe 200 words per issue for the next six issues.

Think I've heard a response back?

I'll just keep buggin.

I thought my phone was broken today but turns out Blackberry has been out across AMERICA today. Fun. and Cute. not.

So excited about Kanye West, Jill and especially Amy's Grammy's. I hope she's gonna stop smoking crack indefinetly. I feel like the drugs help her make her music wonderful, so I'm not gonna say forever. Maybe she should pick up weed again, can't die from that. Remember what Katt said?

Back to work. Happy Monday.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u should take control of the paper. hope u dont mind me vagabonding by your place here, and b4 i forget, here is some history for thine eyes take care The father of Jim Crow

Don said...

Funny post. You hope Amy is still smoking crack, cause she made good music as a crackhead. lol. I kinda see the truth in that comment.

Those skittles must be goooood to you, Adrianne.

damn @ think I've heard a response back. Yeah, keep bugging him. Mos Def.

karrie b. said...

so glad i have a black jack, lol...and i love amy, tho' she's a trainwreck..."frank" didn't do for me what "back to black" did. maybe it was the crack, lol.

-karrie b.