Thursday, February 28, 2008

pedal to the medal

I'm not really driving home but whatever.

It's officially Spring Break, and I'm really anxious to get home.

Really ready to get home.

I think it's gonna be a great break.

Hello...I'm gonna see Jill Scott Sunday!?!?

Whatever promise to myself is to be a big girl.

"Take a deep breath when the times (is) hard
when I reminisce over you, My God...
...the scent of the room that reminds me of you
a hint of perfume that reminds of you
take a look at the moon it reminds me of you..."



Yasmeen Christian said...

Make sure you have fun ;-)

Yasmeen Christian said...
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karrie b. said...

can u believe i don't have ANY of jill's music? i heard she's pretty dope...i'll take a listen soon...

btw, what would being a "big girl" entail? don't kid urself into thinking that you don't need to be in touch with THOSE emotions...u may not wanna wear them on ur sleeve, but who said you had to?!?

look @ me getting all "big sis" on you. smh @ myself.

enjoy ur weekend hunnie!

-karrie b.