Monday, March 3, 2008

my new best friend.

My Spring break has started surprisingly well. It's definitely spring...the weather here is absolutely beautiful, 72 degrees here. Kinda stinks that my plan to go to the beach was cancelled...indefinietly.

Raleigh has been treating me well. As usual, my parents have been running me around like crazy. Friday I went back and forth from my dad's office three times. If you know my dad...that sounds like the regular.

Today I chauffeured my mom around from her dentist appointment. My mom has to be sedated to go to the dentist...yea, its kinda weird. She can't take the smells or the drilling sounds or all that stuff.

I've been pretty much running up the road for the past 4 days, to places I didn't even want to go. My "Hondie" has been resting for the past month in the half so that's probably why it wouldn't start twice today. My favorite: car trouble.

Regardless....last night was the best night of my life in a lonnnng time.

Jill Scott.

In person...My seats were in the front row immediately beside the stage. So of course, the people behind me got hell. They were boring anyways. They barely sang or danced. I refused to sit down in Jill's presence, would you? She was absolutely amazing. My sister's friend was sitting across the arena from us and asked later, "Did your sister sit down at all during the show?" Her voice is beautiful...she is beautiful, sophisticated and..very nasty. Jill told the audience that the tour was co-sponsored by "Nastiness," which was o so true.

I love Jill Scott and all her music, so I was kinda sad that she didn't sing every song, but I of course that'd be asking too much. I didn't think she was gonna sing Lyzel in E Flat (He loves Me) cause of her divorce...but she put it down, as always.

(o yea..Raheem DeVaugh was good too)

She treated to audience to an exclusive song that was "from her heart." I'm watching TV while I'm typing this( my sister's house because my parents are getting on my freakin' nerves) so I know I'm not doing a good job describing this. I feel like no words could do justice. Hearing her music on a CD sounds so weird now. Last night was not my last night with Jill.

Jill Scott is amazing and wonderful and beautiful and ethereal in person, as my sister would say :) that's it. talk about Jill later.

Jill Scott is my friend.


i.can't.complain. said...

72 degrees hunh.

*trying to hide my jealousy*

i guess ima put on this extra sweater, and scarf, and gloves, and snow boots....


enjoy some of that lovely weather for me, plz.

i hope your spring break continues 2 go well and that your parents don't run u around too much


Don said...

Jill Scott and Raheem live in concert sounds like the business...especially for females who tend to absolutely love Scott.

I remember the first time I smelled "that smell" while sitting in a dentist chair. Im like...whats that burning?