Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Amazingly still...

I'm really tired. I haven't doing much strenuous work, but something is just making me feel exhausted. Maybe since I slept until past 11 today, that's late for me.

Nevertheless, I did find out that there are still good people in the world.

Part 1:
So, my car has been acting a damn fool. I turn the ignition and nothing comes on, no dashboard lights, no sounds nothing. Then...5 minutes later it starts. I'm pretty sure I briefly mentioned this yesterday, but to be continued...today I really had to get it checked out because I can't be on spring break with no car. That just makes no sense. Thus, I took my Hondie to Advance Auto Parts to get my battery tested because I figured one of two things, 1.my battery was close to dead and 2. my starter/alternator was fried. "Sam" at AAP tested my battery and it was actually very healthy, the connection fuse thing was dirty and corroded so that's why my battery was acting funny. Sam told me they "weren't supposed to do this" but he went inside and rolled out this big utility box and treated my battery to a nice clean up and even put connector protector (a.k.a. magic jelly to me) on the fuse. In all...he only charged me $2.09 for the fix. Can't complain. I said Thank you probably ten times, because I really appreciated it. As I drove off...I thought "there are still good people in the world."

Part 2:
I left the Advance Auto Parts to head to the mall...to get this really cute dressed that I spotted this weekend. I knew I would look up in a few weeks and think, "That dress would look so wonderful on me" so I figured what the heck...go get it. I cruise to the mall, head to the upper level parking deck because I wanted to run in and out the mall and not be tempted to go anywhere else. I park quick...very quick and happen to bump a car as a swung in. It made a very loud sound. Matter of fact, I thought..."I just hit the %$#* outta that car." This has happened one time before. I left the scene and later my dad saw the uh-oh on my bumper and fussed me slam out.
As I was pulling in... I saw this lady walking to the car. Of course, this lady was sent to straight into my life today from Nosey Woman world. I parked beside the car, and got ready to get out and examine the damage. I think for a minute and assess the situation in my head. (Had a little Donnel Jones moment..."Do I leave? Do I stay? Do I go??!)I look up in my rearview and this old hag is already writing down my tags. Great. So, I get out the car and look at the van that I bumped. Basically...all I did was scuff the tire. The Nosey Hag pulls over and is staring at me. I'm like...Woman, I'm going to leave a note (I'm thinking..."wait am i?) And Nosey Hag is just like....well, its up to your conscience. I'm not gonna lie...this lady was of Caucasion Persuasion, so I'm sure she thought I was another stealing and lying and cheating black "girl", you could see it all over her face. I asked her for some paper...she only had napkins, so I went to my car and faked a letter so she would be pleased to see me writing. Whatever, I'm anticipating a phone call from Raleigh Police Department any minute truthfully. I placed a blank napkin under the car's windshield.

Part 3:
As I walk in the mall, I call a friend and ask for their advice. "No comment." Thanks...friend. I try on the dress just in case because I really didn't want to come back to the mall anytime soon anyways. I'm trying on the dress and thinking about the cussing out my dad gave me last time I attempted a hit and run. Buy the dress..exit the mall, whatever. I get to my car and think, "Hmm...did I check out MY car?" No, I didn't. I walk around the front of my precious Hondie and see the front signal dangling out its socket. And...the scuff from the first bump has been amplified times 139804284. So clearly, I got most of the damage. I'm like %#$! it...I'm not leaving a note, the damage wasn't even that bad to the other car. If it had happened to my car, I woulda been like o...that's new. Jammed my light back in and get on the road.
I'm driving...and I keep seeing all these police and people in black from head to toe and I'm thinking that Nosey Hag called the cops on me already. I realize I'm tripping and just keep going.
Then I start thinking...what about the nice guy that helped me today at Advance Auto Parts? He did a good job for me, so maybe I should pay it forward? I should be honest and just leave a real note. What if I just leave the number of this old ho I don't like? What if they really are upset about the scuffed tire?!?! What if I go back to school next week and my parents call me fussing me out asking why the police is calling them?!
I turn around.
Then I think...what if the car isn't even there anymore? (I had driven like...5 miles) I go back and leave a note that is something like
"Minivan Owner, I overturned on my parking job and accidentally bumped your car. I didn't see much damage but, if something comes up please call ( my number here)"
I felt alot better on my way back home. So I amazingly still...there are still nice, honest people in the world.
Part 4:
I couldn't never commit a real crime.

But...honorable mention to Donnel Jones. This song has always been one of my TOP favs...funny how songs become so ironic years later?


Niki.Mac said...

aaaaahhh i can't believe u didn't tell me this u stinker!

Don said...

Like your post. Love how you ended it. The whole time reading it I was thinking maybe something was trying to tell you to be good today. And you were. Good deal.

p.s. Your car wouldnt start cause it knew you was headin straight to the Mall. LOL.

karrie b. said...

it is really nice when you come across a person/ppl who have good hearts and intentions. i try to be that everyday.

-karrie b.