Friday, March 7, 2008

i need some energizer bunnies.

If I could have anything right now (as in Adrianne's World...not Adrianne is 3 months or 3 years World) I would love a tall Chai Tea Latte with a double shot of vanilla.

For it to be a very NON productive's been a ugh day. But oddly, I realized as I sat in the backseat with my parents, I haven't had an ugh day in a long time, which makes me feel good.

My plan was today was to get up wait for THE magic phone call from my dad today which sets me on my errands which today included going to Angier, then back to the DMV in Raleigh, possibly stopping through at my Dad's job. ( My dad sells cars part when he is his full time job, and I'm home, it suddenly becomes MY priority) In total: about 2 hours of running around, waiting in line and burning gas. I got the phone call (unwrapped my fresh 'do although I really didn't want to because I finally got it done and its rainy cats and hyenas in NC today) right around perfect timing because I just finished watching The View and straining to swallow a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios..somehow I can't get into them anymore. Anyways, I head to the Hondie...and it doesn't start. It pulls the same stunt as the other day, despite the magic jelly and Sam's assistance. Try calling Mom at work, no answer and my answer. I sat in my driveway for about 15 minutes trying to get some indication of my car attempting to breath, and nothing worked.

After finally hearing back from my Dad, my options are trying to start my car later on and just driving to Angier without cutting off my car and not coming back. Problem is, I've been running through gas the past few days, (I think I've spent about $75 on gas since I've been home.) and I knew my car was low on gas, so I'd have to get gas with my car on...kinda scares me a little but I'd do it if I have to.

Afternoon passed...I felt like my old middle school days when I would sit at home aaaalllll day watching movies and talking on the phone and ordering pizza. Didn't watch a movie today, or talk on the phone much but I felt like I was locked in a jail cell. Me sitting in the house all day just didn't sit well on my heart, soul, body or conscious. I get grumpy. I got even more upset when after about 2 hours, I figured it was time to try my car again. I go in the garage and open the garage door to see this sitting in my drive way:

Seriously?! I guess this is the car my dad bought at the auction today. Someone had dropped it off. I bypassed my Honda and went straight to the Benzo...I mean, wouldn't you? I knew the keys had to be in there somewhere. This car is the epitome of a bad ass ride. I looked and looked for about 10 minutes, even went inside and came back out. I just wanted it to take it for a little spin :)

I looked like a maniac, and finally found it tucked under the sun visor. Tried to crank the car, wouldn't turn. I presumed the battery was dead. It's been at the auction sitting so, that makes sense. I was really looking forward to putting the pedal to the medal...but that was clearly a sign. I'm having the worst luck with cars it seems? It's okay, one day I'm gonna get used to opening my garage and seeing my Benzie (sorry Honda!)

Turns out...the magic jelly that Sam smothered my battery fuse with was really interrupting the connection. My dad wiped it off and my car started. I could have been running up the road as planned today instead of almost pulling my hair out! And having a ridiculous argument in Subway with my Mom.

My girlfriends are in town for the I'm really looking forward to spending time with them before I head back to school Sunday. And my next Chai tea.


Don said...

Thats a nice piece of machinery that your dad purchased. I can see why you wanted to "take it for a little spin."

Enjoy your weekend with your girlfriends. I look forward to hearing the reason why you left me a *sigh*

Adrianne M said...

Don--> That's what I'm saying. I'm hoping my Mom will like the Benz so she will keep it. My mom's past due for an UPgrade. She has the same, a few years older.

As far as the sigh...we'll see lol I have to figure out how to put in words myself! I'm not as good as you.

karrie b. said...

cool car!!!
omg i'm so jealous that you can drive and i can't. BOOOOOOOO...i'll learn by this summer.

-karrie b.

Don said...

I have to figure out how to put in words myself!

Simple. Put your thoughts down first. Go over there. Add. Delete. Say the poem aloud. Add and Delete again.

There it is...

Don said...

*go over them