Sunday, March 9, 2008

back to work.

Made it back to Charlotte today. I was definitely dreading the drive...but I made it. I planned to stop and pick up a Chai Tea :) but I drove the whole 150+ miles straight. My butt was very numb upon arrival.

My spring break was very wonderful, and I'm kinda sad to see it go. I realized it was so blissful because somehow I completly forgot, or chose to forget about the work I have to do and that's due this week.

It's gonna be a shusy (short+busy) week, I'm heading right back home this weekend to see some special family members who are coming to visit.

Taking a deep breath before the hecticity begins. Thanking God for getting me back safely, and spending a great week (and some) at home, and last few night with my bests friends. I'll post a stolen pic as soon as I can get my hands on one. That's decent.

Can't believe it's only 10 weeks 'til I'm home for good. Kinda wish I could have enjoyed the first long day and late sunset at home...I really can't wait for summer and summer nights.

As always...Have a great week :)


karrie b. said...

i see u got ur chai tea!!! it's the littlest things that can cheer one up...glad to hear ur spring break was poppin' back to the "real world" *sigh*

-karrie b.

dessex said...

chai tea is the best. Great post shorty