Thursday, March 13, 2008

no extensions on spring break.

Made it home...again.

I pulled into Raleigh tonight and didn't really feel like I ever left.

Stopped in Elon today to see my bestest. Love her much. So happy things are back to normal. Jesus answers prayers lol

If my parents could spare me $66,000 in the next three years, I would send in my application to transfer tonight.

All my friends who weren't on spring break last week are home this week. So I'm trying to tell myself this is NOT my spring break. I came home to visit with family....and that's it. So minimum social outings. There are no extensions on spring break.

It's been hell adjusting to this time change and not going to bed until 1 or so, then back to school schedule...and then getting up for class. Can't do it this weekend...uh uh.

And plus...I have lots of work to do, including math homework due tonight at 11:30. Too bad I left my graphing calc in Charlotte...

Speaking of Charlotte it was almost 75 degrees today! The white girls are going ccccrazy. It was warm though, I'm not gonna front.

Spring starts in officially 8 days. Right?


Marleaux said...

I loved attending all the Spring break parties at my friends' schools, then all the parties at my school for two weeks of Spring break. That's before I entered the workforce full time. Now my break is spent on overtime at the office.

I hate math, didn't in high school, but it's on another level now. That's why I'm sticking with liberal arts. Done with all my math.

Don said...

Daylight savings time had my sleep pattern thrown off, all this week. I have to handle that. Glad you are safe and sound.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I thought it was only me with the time changing thing. I stay up way 2 late. I wonder why its so hard for me this year hmm lol

75 degrees! I'm jealous lol Its still kinda cold in Baltimore(in the 50s). The white people here are going crazy here as well(wearing shorts and flip flops lol). I can't wait till spring!