Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i want to marry adam levine.

Despite the disgusting weather this weekend and the UPSET Saturday night...I had a wonderful time with my best friend. My best friend turned 19...our last year of teenage years. Funny but good to know we started and will end our teenage years together.

It's kinda crazy how time moves so fastly. My best friend is an amazing student at Elon Universtiy, which is essentially the epitome of a Southern private school. Beautiful landscapes, exceptional food and lots of white people. Sometimes I really forget I'm in NC when I'm there. I had crabcakes for dinner one night that I promise you would have thought were from a steakhouse.

It was great catching up...not that we don't talk everyday nowadays. Got quite a bit of work done while I was there which makes me think....maybe I need a roommate? I won't sit and read magazines or non important books or lots of gossip blogs if my bestfriend or roommate is hitting the books hard. Definitely a thought for next year.

You know when you're flipping through the channels and that movie comes on and you HAVE to sit and watch the whole thing? Caught a glimpse of the classic, Love and Basketball...which seems so ironic now that I'm in college. I've seen that movie truthfully at least 25 times, and for some reason I shedded some tears on the 26th view. I guess it still kinda jiggled my brain that I was sitting in my best friend's dorm room that I met in 6th grade...along with other things lol.

Our other 3rd bestest joined us Saturday night too. Although Elon is alotta bit rich kids school, they do know how to party. Specially the white kids. That's one thing I wish my friend's at HBCU's could experience. It's been a long time since just the 3 of us have hung out, so that was neat. and sweet. Somethings between us will never change...and I like it like that. It was a great weekend, despite the weather, stepping in puddles of beer in my peep-toes and getting my hand scalded by 298 degree water. Sorry Karrie B , don't have any pics for you :/

I'm looking foward to the next few weeks...of course it's getting closer to the end of classes. My parents are supposed to be coming up (surprise!!!!!) this weekend so I'm hoping to get some family time in along with hopefully new shoes, new clothes and new groceries. I may be even getting a my first glimpse of the beach since August 2007 this week. And.....even more good stuff for my blog.

Here's a steal from Kanye...and a sneak peak of my new blog!!! Thanks to my fabulous sis! Stay tuned

and by the way:

Am I the only one uberly excitied about Jay-Z and B finally getting married???

What movie can you NOT watch when flipping thru the channels?

Can someone find me Adam Levine's number? I think I'm in love.


dessex said...

I was waiting for you post something new so I can laugh....
okay here it goes... lol lol lol lol lol lol lol. Not only did UNC lose they killed smacked in the head. lol lol lol Okay I am done now.

Adam levine is dope tho. I must admit I have both Maroon 5 CDs

1/3 of what I used to be said...

LOL adam levine is pretty cute to be white lol. I love Maroon 5!

I'm was too happy that B and Jay finally got married! They been together long enough and I think they will be together for a long time:-)

your sis makes great blogs/banners! I can wait to see yours:-)

Niki.Mac said...

boooooooo at dessex. that hatred is a poison.... was your team in the final four?? lol

call me tomorro night and we will get your new blog up and running!

btw, mom and dad met jonathan tonight! >:-o

karrie b. said...

i've got jungle fever too. ahhhh i love my russian.

he really is russian.

booooooooo @ no pics lol.

can't wait to see your banner!

i'm excited too. i love them both.