Sunday, April 13, 2008

Most interesting Thriday to date.

Sorry this has taken me a few days to post. it's been quite a weekend. My parents came and left, it was fun...Iguess, short and sweet.

My interesting weekend started on Thursday. At my last meeting for my newspaper, my editor told us that there was an Obama campaign rally coming to campus Thursday. No one wanted to take the piece, not even me at the time, so I told him I'd let him know if I had the time. I knew Tatyana Ali was gonna be there so I figured it would be mostly guys wagging their tongues and I really have trouble writing political pieces. But the next night I told him I could take the which he told me there was a slot for an interview with Tatyana. I know she is pretty much a C-list celeb, but I was still kinda nervous...but I said yes. Gotta start somewhere, right?

so she came and spoke.

and I came and interviewed. She was very sweet. And very funny. And very passionate about Barack Obama. And wears a fabulous David Yurman ring. I have to admit, she is one of the few child stars you have to give props to. If you didn't know homegirl went to Harvard, and double majored in both Afro Studies and Politics. The program started kinda late, partly because I interviewed her before hand...but she did a really good job. I have some audio of her speech, but I don't know how to put that up here. She is absolutely gorgeous in person and was very down to earth. But she's certainly come a long way...

I wonder if this pic is before or after Harvard...


Earlier in the week, me and my roommates were discussing the beach. Just talking about summer and looking forward to doing all the summer things. You know...going to the pool, going to the beach, walking on the beach, that sweet sh*t. So, Thursday night after I got back from my interview we decided "Let's go to the beach." Myrtle Beach. Which is approximately 250 miles from Charlotte. I mean what was there to loose?! Sleep?!? Gas at $3.23/gallon?

so we packed some bags and headed out.

can't forget pillows for the 3.5 hour drive.

my roommate started to drive and i just enjoyed the ride. that's me smiling and sh*t.

About an hour and a half in, I decided to drive because she was driving too slow because she's had four speeding tickets. I can't stand people who drive slow. I really don't think I could date a guy who drove the speed limit. Anyways, clearly, when I drive...i like to sang and be merry and sh*t.


i got a speeding ticket.

I got pulled right when I was gettin comfortable, I probably hadn't driven 10 miles. This why I don't like driving late at night. I didn't see the cop, at all. I should have known better because the interstates down to Myrtle Beach are wide open. Let's just say the ticket was written for 64 in a 55. If you look close, you can see how fast I was really going. The officer did me a HUGE favor. I guess he reduced it because this is my first ticket, for me to be 19 and not have a ticket, is pretty good. All my friends have had speeding tickets before.

similar to any uh-oh incident, I make the 1st phone my bestest, of course. At this point I'm scared and dropping the f-bomb more than I ever have in life. Nevermind I'm in Chesterfield county of SC...which is probably about 1.5 hour from Charlotte.

I continue driving, paranoid as hell at any parked car I see. Even raggedy old Buicks. I have to put the car on cruise, and put my foot on the floor to stop myself from speeding again. About 2 hours later, (which we thought was only one until we found out the GPS system hadn't reset to daylight savings) we finally make it to the beach. It was so foggy, you couldn't see...anything.

kinda looks scary.

I tried to do some sweet sh*t and write you a message. It says "AMM Says Hi." lol

We were virtually wet because of the humidity and fog. Hence my hair and my dress being wet. Excuse the boobage please. That's my roommate, Kathleen.

Kathleen, Christy and Me. Two of my three fellow suitemates, and probably the coolest white girls I know. I really don't think the officer would have let me off as easily if they weren't in the car with me. I love them.

I think this picture is me thinking "Did I really just get in the car and drive almost 4 hours to the beach to get a speeding ticket and not even be able to see more than 10 ft visibility because of the fog and come right back and tell my parents of my ticket when I see them tommorow?"

then we stayed for a little and got back on the road.
When I think about it now...I'm like, "why the hell did we do that?" But it was fun, and very memorable. This is what being young is about, right?

My parents weren't too upset when I told them. Their response was more like, "Why were you going to Myrtle Beach at 11 o clock at night?"

Nevertheless, the rest of my weekend hasn't been that eventful. Tatyana and Myrtle did enough for me. Our mini-trip kinda backed me up with sleep so I slept up until 1 pm Friday. I am glad my parents came when they did, seems like parents always know what's really going on. I learned my lesson and I'm gonna try my super bestest hardest not to speed anymore. At least not for a while. At least not at night.
Time is running out fast! I only have 10 more days of class. Ready to knock them out.

Have a great week.

btw, i just want to let someone know that this blog took me forever to do lol.


karrie b. said...

you make me so proud.

i loved this pic post. the captions were ill and ur friends look like so cool.

smh @ that ticket, tho i dont like slow drivers either. drivin miss daisy and shit.


karrie b. said...

lmao @ that subminal abt tatiana. nice.


Niki.Mac said...

love the pictures sis!

oh, the memories... :)

i.can't.complain. said...

1st off i have been gone way too long

look at your blog

i LOVE it

the new look is hot

and u, my dear, are beautiful

sucks on the speeding ticket, though.

but great job on the white friends and the speeding ticket reduction


and i think it's fantastic that y'all drove to the beach on a whim

that's the life


1/3 of what I used to be said...

I'm telling! You got a speeding ticket! lol j/k. I'm glad you had fun this weekend.

Tatyani Ali, yea she is kinda a C list celebrity but at least she got her act together like you said. She got a degree instead of posing for magazines lol

Loving the trip on the whim! Everybody needs moments like that

Eb the Celeb said...

I love the picture posts... and how you told the story with pics... I love with Tatyiana too... her onyl flaw was trying to drop an album... remember that... it was the worst... Damn @ you getting a ticket!

Adrianne M said...

Karrie B --> I'm happy to know I make you proud!
**"that subminal abt tatiana"
not sure what you mean by this.

Niki--> That's what college and being a teeny is about! Memories :)

-1- --> You made my blush :)Glad you approve of the new look! It's good to get away sometimes, you know? Minus the police interaction lol

1/3 --> Yup, going out a limb or whim lol is fun! Hopefully since you'll be out of school soon, you can get a chance to do the same.

Eb --> Actually, I really liked that Daydreaming song lol! And she told me she is working on a new album. We'll see how that goes...

dessex said...

damn, I got a speeding ticket not to long a long. that $75 hit the pockets hard. Looks like fun, I am glad you had fun

Don said...

like the new blog look and the pictures. i also like the sense of humor.

I really don't think the officer would have let me off as easily if they weren't in the car with me.


i kinda felt like tatyana ali was very passionate towards her support of barack obama. when i saw her in the yes we can video i never got the sense that she was performing for the camera. she seemed very genuine. that's cool that you got to interview and chop it up with her.

if you don't mind can i save that picture of you and her to my documents...

thanks. lol.

Don said...

breast implants: let me guess...

the chic in the blue dress.

she must be trying to keep up with yours.

*staring @ yours*

lord knows she is. lol.