Monday, May 12, 2008

i haven't been able to sleep.

i'm back at home. for good. finally.

it feels good. my besties are far away, which kinda stinks.

specially the one that is in hawaii, i'm jealous.

i took 150+ voicemails messages off of my work's answering machine today.

since april 15.

she was probably drinking out of a coconut in her bikini.

you would not believe the messages i heard including

(picks up) "stop biting me!!!" (click)
"i didn't know my son was graduating this year, please call back soon so we can get some help with him enrolling in (community college) next year"

i saw kanye west. finally.

it was amazing. the pics got erased. except some from my sis'.

that's my friend from hampton, my light skinned honey besty from SC and me.

hung with some cool kids afterwards. saw a car accident which was scary.
this is really lame but, my sister can beautifully sum up my weekend for me.

take a look.

thanks nik lol.

i haven't been able to sleep recently.
can someone please tell me where my boyfriend is?!

i'm gonna come back with some substance soon. finally.


niki.mac said...

sleep well my love :)

Don said...

Always good to see a smile upon the face. Shows you are happy, regardless. I can imagine you are good being back @ home.

I see haven't seen Kanye live.

Eb the Celeb said...

cute pic...

mad @ them messages... they just figured out that there son was graduating?

1/3 of what I used to be said...

This is a cute pic:-)

I hope you are sleeping better now:-)

I want to know where my bf is too! lol I'm sure you will find him soon :-)

karrie b. said...

u are just so cute. i wanna bite ur face!


i.can't.complain. said...

pretty pic

u finally got to see 'ye.

is it true...

did he really glow in the dark :-)


Adrianne M said...

Niki --> Thanks! I've been sleeping with my ear plugs, and its been an amazing difference.

Don--> Go see Kanye!

Eb--> Thanks Eb! Yea, I'm guessing maybe he was failing really bad...but then got his sh*t together???

1/3---> I am sleeping better, thanks! Yea, he is somewhere...

KB--> heheh ;)

-1- --> YES! he did glow...and so much more.

eclectik said...

Love the blog
150+? damn.
And...wOw that picture.

Why am I single?


Stew said...

far left is a cutie. tell her to get at a brotha.