Sunday, June 22, 2008

anybody home?

i have heartburn

and not the kind that Nexi(um) can fix.

do you ever get in those moods when you just throw yourself a pity party?

that's me this afternoon. idk why.

sometimes I believe the best things in life are free...sunshine, midnight stars/moon, frienship!, love, sex!!!, beautifulness

but then I realize...maybe money can buy you happiness??


Anonymous said...

Yeah it can. I think most people say money cant buy you happiness because its like greed.
But I never believed that, I think if you use money the right way, you can be happy from it. You just cant buy love...

Cheer up, dear.
&I like your bloggie =]

karrie b. said...

no no no!! the richest ppl are the unhappy ones!