Thursday, June 26, 2008


I love my home state of North Carolina but I was appalled when I read the newspaper yesterday and it said the NC DMV was offering 10,000 residents the ability to exchange their random license plates that were assigned for example "WTF-9897" because of the explicit, offensive meaning of "wtf."
Somebodies grandkiddy told their grandma about the acronym and somehow it got spread to the DMV. What a mess.
See the article talking about this BS.


Jay said...

wow thats a funny story{

1/3 of what I used to be said...

LOL I mean when did acronym's become offensive lol, Yea that is pretty stupid lol

Luxury said...

Lmaooo. That was good. =]

Adrianne M said...

Jay --> What a mess!!!

1/3 --> I think so too :$

Luxury --> :)

Stew said...

im not surprised.

NC is a backwards ass place anyway.