Sunday, June 29, 2008

my cousin got married this weekend! more about that later. it's been a busy weekend...the last of my family staying at the inn (my house) just left a few hours ago. although me and my sister's job as hostess for the wedding/reception turned into waitress/hostess/babysitter/server/crapcatcher it was enjoyable weekend with my fam. i was supposed to take my parents to the airport at 5 AM this morning...but mom woke me up and i decided to let my uncle do the honors. Hope they made it okay??!

Saw Wanted last night! It was pretty amazing...specially my baby's daddy Common, although he only had 2 lines. which were something like...f*ck. you.

ummm here are a few pics that started the weekend off! more pics lata

my new favorite drink! lemonada de italia. yum yum

sushi almost gone.

"his favorite drink?! ketel one martini" <---from one of my fav movies ever! guess :)

nikiboo and our late grandma's favorite sunflowers! me! in desperate need of some sun :O

mom, me and sis at the wedding!

don't forget. Sunday = PostSecret


Luxury said...

Sooo lucky!!! Everybody saw that movie but me. Im going to scream if I dont see it.

amina said...

thanx for reminding me of post secret!

Oh ya, I saw Wanted the other day. it was quite interesting. "What the f*ck have you done lately?"
Lmao. Kinda bloody, but it was excellent. I might have to end up doing a blog about that sometime.

Love*Tay said...

i <3 adrianne

B.Wash said...

After a bunch of your Blogs I am Truely a fan miss Mcneil

Stew said...

Wanted was the best movie i have seen in a while. i think i may go see it again.

genetics are amazing. you your mom and niki look almost identical

karrie b. said...

whats in that lemonade?


dessex said...

drink one for me next time lol

Eb the Celeb said...

kettle one martini - brown sugar

kettle one cosmos are my fav... had a couple last

hope your holiday weekend is going well!