Monday, July 7, 2008

what a little moonlight can do

i'm alive.

july 4th weekend was amazing. too much fun. it seems to get better every year.

i'd elaborate but i can't do it without pics and my sis has all of those so stay tuned.

my parents came back last night from their week-long getaway

let's just say...

or let's not because i'll be nice.

i think i have the monday blues.

my mom made me really upset = me crying.

wasn't looking forward to going back to work today at all.

wish i could be right back here

(that's me stretched out on the couch in my beautiful carolina blue vintage dress!)

looking forward to $4 drink tuesday tommorow. it's becoming a weekly ritual.


what a little moonlight can do -->bille holiday


niki.mac said...

and thats my boobie!!
and caroline too!!
love u mucho
feel better soon ;)

Yasmeen Christian said...

Love that song!!!

dessex said...

can I join for $4 Tuesday? I can use a drink

Adrianne M said...

niki--> thank you sister

yasmeen --> honestly, I don't listen to much billie came up on my iPod shuffle and I thought the song was cute and beautiful because i LOVE moonlit nites and i know what a little moonlight can do ;)

dessex--> Yes Darrius! I would love to have you come drink up with me at $4 tuesdaysss!

i.can't.complain. said...


u look extra comfy on that sofa.

good times

i could use a drink myself

sorry your moms made u sad :-/


karrie b. said...

feel better sweets...glad ur 4th of july was poppin tho.


Charles said...'re all spread out on that sofa look extra comfy. Glad you had a great weekend though...mine was ridiculously good...didn't want it to end...

Stew said...

what can a little moonlight do?

1/3 said...

Im glad you had a great 4th of July! Mondays are the worst..especially when the weekend flew by.

Luxury said...

That couch look wild comfy lol.
& save me a drink =]