Friday, July 11, 2008

everything is everything

I've been busy! I really have...I feel like my summer is coming close to an end, so I'm enjoying it and of course, I work hard so I feel obligated to play hard(er). I do feel kinda bad because I've turned in one of those people who takes weeks to return calls and have been meaning to make time for people who want to see me before I go back to school.
It's summer. I'm young...and enjoying it! Here are pics from the past week!

july 4th was great! i still miss it...
chatting it up looking like an angel in my blue dress :)

my shawtyboo!** and my other boo... d's amaretto. yum yum.

my bestest friend ever. so happy should could finally make it to my cousin's.

the cutiest pie ever. makayla --> 17 months. fab runs in the fam.

see?! my sis looks hot. sorry she's taken.

next night...we decided to hit the club. it was a pretty ghetto club, hence my lack of effort in putting real clothes on. or doing my hair.

loves it! haha enough of that.


the moustache, THE president (mackenzie) and me

birthday celerbation @ kanki. rdu's best sushi/japenese restaurant ever.

$4 Tuesdays!!! bottoms up! my sis's friend and my sis. friends since 2nd grade!

whatttttt...idk what this is.


the olivia!!!! and my work bff!

in the mix this week i also:

saved 3 lives! (by giving blood)

then had to get blood work done :(

took 200+ voicemails

went to a interesting collegiate bible study

and helped many grumpy a*s people in my office :)

this weekend = chillin.


Stew said...

you know what i have have a really big head.

cute...but just really big

kid.a said...

how old are you again?!?

looks like you had a good time...wish i was there.

yo ur sister looks good, tell her i wanna holla!


Eb the Celeb said...

that cow print bathing suit with matching hat is the cutest thing I think I have ever seen

Don said...

the sixth pic is hot, adrianne.