Sunday, August 17, 2008

dear summer

to you forever...from me to you:

Thanks Mr. West, for kicking off the summer with the one of the best concert's ever...and supplying my motto for summer '08: "grab a drink, holla at some (boys) and party b*tch!!!" which became amazingly true! lol

to my sis...(who is obviously too cool for this earth by looking at this pic) for giving me a place to crash! and many fun times and hillarious stories..please don't leave.

my job in the financial aid office at wtcc...made my heart weak when i became numb to sob stories and people who couldn't afford education, or my heart hurt when 21 year old single mothers were being shipped to iraq with a weekend's notice. nevertheless, it kept my mind strong.

although our seperation this summer was painful..the occasional random midweek sleepovers made me forget it all. This summer made me a few of those moments where I realized we were beyond best friends esp when I realized how hurt I was when you got your tattoo without me and when I couldn't sleep until you got back that morning in VA beach! It's gonna be a great year for us worries.

didn't see you much this summer but we'll make it back here someday...maybe we can use the field to take off on my spaceship?

from running sprints on the moving sidewalks in the airport to you just making it with your broken ankle...stop worrying. You're gonna take Duke by a (red)storm. Just as long as you bring your t-shirt...

how come we were mutual friends of our 580489 friends for so long?? Don't know if I would have made it this summer without ya...that's a fact. I love you more than Ms.Annette, Goldilocks and Ms. Bev love cigs! Tell ECU to be ready when I come down and give them the business...

My only friend from school who came to visit me this summer! You were the specialest guest we ever had at $4 Tuesdays...can't wait to see you again

my girls...

we didn't get one shot together this summer since the camera died! but....

thanks for the long nights...sometimes too long lol

uber sexiness

true friendships/girltalks/dr*nk talks/heartachetalks/celeberations/tazewell suites to traveling pants times!

and overall, dear summer, thanks for reminding me

good people...

good food..

and good drinks...never goes outta style.

(special thanks to HondieBoo for getting me thru 2,000+ miles this summer!)

"im done for now

so one for now

possibly forever, we had fun together

but like all good things, we must come to an end

please show the same love to my friends

dear summer"



jea simone said...

I'd say that was a fine tribute addy. see ya on the train! l0l

Eb the Celeb said...

Awwee... amazing post.. and great pics...

but it makes me sad... because summer is truly almost over

1/3 said...

aww this was such a good post! See know I def have to do a tribute to summer cause this one was definitely a great one. I'm sad its over too:-(

kid.a said...

yea the good ole' days of summer....i remember those days...but a memory b/c they are no mo', my summer consist of working 9-5, just like the rest of the!

but it looks like you had a great summer, good times, nice pics, nice recap!

karrie b. said...

you are just the prettiest thing! i love your summer pics. ughh i wish i couldve come to spend some time with you and nikster.


Can Van Dam said...

my summer got wrecked in early july... I wish I had as much fun as you did this summer in a yr

Luxury said...

You're so pretty, lady! =]
& your summer looked awesomeeee.