Tuesday, September 2, 2008


i miss you already sister.

i promised you pictureful blogs in the next couple of months in your absence.

as soon as i get a camera. and time to blog again.

have a great trip.



karrie b. said...



kid.a said...

adrienne, i'ma need you to get a camera, ASAP!

but dido on everything you said.

i will try to keep you (niki & everyone) updated on the stuff going on in my life and the good ol u.s. of a. via my blog.

love ya!

Eb the Celeb said...

Where did she go?

Adrianne M said...

KB--> I know :( You really should come down for the welcome back party!!!! I'll give you details

Armon --> We have like 804903 million cameras around my house, i'll cop one when I head home again. And do keep me posted, u know I always ask what's going on in the ATL, shawty lol <33

Eb--> Florence, Italy!!! She'll be gone until Christmas :-O