Thursday, September 4, 2008

guess who's bizzack

I started school last week and it's been crazy busy here around these parts! Between moving into my apartment, planning and executing lots for my university's Black Student Union and telling my sister bye :(, i've been quite busy. I have to admit, I have been working hard and think its gonna be great year!!!

My Labor Day weekend was very pleasant spent some much time needed with many of my girlfriends, my family and some other special kiddies :) well one but whatever.

For those just tuning sister left for Italy on Tuesday of this week! She's gonna be gone for farr too long so I promised her many pics throughout the next few months. Here are a *few* of me and some of my favorite people back here in Charlotte....

i don't know why i was hiding in the closet?!?!?

tasi and me!!!

Val, my co-editor and me!! I guess we are flexing our under pressure muscles?! Because we were definietly up to a quickly approaching deadline. Our first issue of our BSU Black Perspective Magazine was a hit! Hopefully we'll have a online version soon....

Tasmin and me again! it was her bday hence the tiara...happybirthdaybabe

okay, i think i'm done here.


niki.mac said...


i miss you sister! hope your first week of school went well.

te amo! ciao! ;)

1/3 said...

Hey welcome back!!!

Looks like you having fun at school. I hope you have a great semester!:-)

i.can't.complain. said...

glad ure back

happy almost 2nd week of school