Monday, September 8, 2008

fly on little wing

i woke up this weekend and my first thought was "i want to go home"

i haven't had that thought in a while. At least I don't remember. I don't know why I even't want to go home! Besides my parents, there is no one at home! My sis is miles and miles across the world. Speaking of, technology is amazing! I've spoke to my sister almost 3 times on the phone and chat all the time with her on googlechat via my blackberry! So neat. If you wanna see her awesome pics of her trip..check her blog out here.

I'm still trying to get into the swing of things here at school. My days are sooo long between class, being editor of our Black Student Union magazine and still writing for my school's newspaper. I haven't been feeling well lately so that kinda stinks too. I'm working hard tho...I know this will all pay off soon, hopefully sooner than later.

if i were at home i'd like to :

go to hayes barton. although i went right before my sister left, you can never get enough of HB!

find a chair and other furniture for my apartment! it's so boring. my walls are white. i have a nice poster that was a gift but its on my floor still bc i don't have a hammer! and the chair with my desk is PAINFUL! so bad that its been forcing me to study in bed...which is not so effective, you know.

sleep with Romeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those close to me, you know who this is lol. Long story short...romeo (see above) is a teddy my mom gave me when i was like 11 or 12! He is pretty disgusting now and dirty. I sleep with him everynight. Well, i left him at home because I feel like i'm a little too old to be sleeping with teddy bears...but at least it's not a guy everynight, right?!? just looking at this makes me sad (sigh) miss u booboolol

self explanatory. but you have to go late when the freaks come out!!!

have a great week :)


niki.mac said...

i told you u should have brought romeo back!!

you can use a shoe or anything hard to hammer a nail into the wall and hang ur poster... try a book maybe.

love u! talk to u soon

PhlyyGirl said...

Lol@ waffle house "but only late at night when the freaks come out".
That is when it's the most fun.

And ummm since you told about Romeo, I guess it's safe to tell you about baby, this teddy bear that my grandfather gave me when I was born 23 years ago, that I STILL to this very DAY, sleep with EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.
Baby done been restuffed, resewn, reupholsterd so many times it's not even fun.
But hey at least I know I'm coming home to sleep with someone every night. Lol