Saturday, September 13, 2008

no place like home

I went home back to the block this weekend! The block, the crib, the brib, my house, my home, Raleigh...yea whatever you wanna call it.

Relaxing..yes. Eventful, not so much. Well..I dont know. Me and my mom went and saw The Family that Preys. Tyler Perry writes great stories...but his endings are always wack. It's like he just gives up. Anyways... I had to head home to get my car expected at a certain carshop in Raleigh which I really felt like was a waste of time and gas before, but I was so ready to head down I-85 North when Thursday afternoon rolled around. I love not having class on Fridays! My weekends start at 12:15 on Thursdays...holla. As far as my inspection, I did pass but the guy (who is my neighbor) forgot to give me my registration card back! So I was driving extra careful on the way back to school today just in case I got pulled because...of course I wouldn't have my registration. I really need to get that tho...

My drive back seemed extra long and (literally) painful today. It's still scorching heat like 85 degrees here in NC and my car is about 10+ years with pretty much inefficient air conditioning. I stopped to see my bestest half way because that seems to make the almost 3 hour drive a little more worth while. I was in a grump, as usual when I leave home, so seeing her made me feel better.

I think what also made my drive back painful today was the ridiculoussssssssssssssness of gas over the weekend. Since when has unleaded fuel EVER been more than diesel?? I saw gas this weekend for a whopping $4.79. People are really tripping...I managed to get a full tank at $3.68 Friday and passed by the same station today and it was still at that price. Whatever. But I am praying for the people in Texas and LA (you too, Beyonce) with the recent bad weather destroying everything!!!

I feel another busy week is heading my way..that's why I came back today instead of Sunday afternoon/night. gotta have a day to get myself together. I told myself I was gonna come back and do work but I'm about to head out for the night lol

I diligently looked for a camera at my house today so I can start snapping pics for my blog but my search was to no avail...sorry Nik, and everyone else?! Stay tuned for some snapshots in the future. miss u nikisssssssssssssh

Yea, I got back this evening and my roommate brought her cat from her house because she was scared of being in the apartment by herself. Can someone PLEASE tell me what a kitty kat can do when someone breaks into your house? thanks.

p.s.- i brought Romeo back with me :D yumyyummmmmm (see previous post lol) much as i complain about you being in my dreams, i wish they all come true.


kid.a said...

no class on friday?!? wow...i never understood how ppl ended up w/ a schedule like that..must be nice!

yea gas is ridiculous!!! in some place in atl it is $5. wtf?!?

well i hope your week goes well...even though your busy try to have fun! live it up!!!

&&BeautyIsHER_name said...

great blog... awww i felt like i talked to u in person after reading it. lol.

oh yea and about the cat thing... she needs to take that back. NOW. lmao.

luv ya

Anonymous said...

Lmaoooo @ the cat. Your dreams will come true dearie, very soon =]

Adrianne M said...

kid.a --> i LUV not having class on fridays. there are no words to describe my joy when i look up WEDNESDAY and realize its technically "friday" tomorrow.

vannyboo--> i know right?! i was like waaa? love u! see u..nextweek?

luxx--> wow. we commented on each others blog at the exact same time!
i hope my dreams come trueee! yours too hun :)