Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tell Frank i said hi

Frank, the author and creator of Post Secret is going to be at East Carolina University tonight! I want to go sooo bad, but ECU is 4 hours away from me here at school! He was only an hour away at Wake Forest University last week but I was super busy. Post Secret is an anonymous community where people send in their most craziest/sadest/funniest/raunchiest secrets on regular index cards. Frank posts every Sunday. I always wake up Sunday morning and check www.postsecret.com first! You may have seen me post some of the post cards on my blog before...if you are in the area, please go for me!

I picked out of a few of my favorites! These people definitely have their own stories behind them..but I thought they stood out to me. I keep saying I'm going to send my own postcard in..

i check my mail everday in hopes of getting mail too. i did get a fabulous refund check today tho :)

ugh. so true.

you know it.

you know where i am.


Brad Pitt is delish...but you can keep the HPV. But damn, look at that body :-O

hotel rooms always freak me out.

i can relate! food is so freaking expensive. ...i don't cry tho, i gotta eat.

we gotta do something...yes, we can. obama. oh eight.

it's 69 degrees and rainy here in charlotte but...always got remember:

see u next time.


The Love Collective said...

Cool post! Just showing love.


A.M. said...

wow the post cards are actually cool. I will be sure to check them out :)

karrie b. said...

i especially like the raunchy ones on facebook.


i.can't.complain. said...

lol @ your previous post about t.perry.

"its like he just gives up"

so true.

the ending is always so melodramatic and predictable.

damn, i miss refund checks


Eb the Celeb said...

funny pics!